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Manganese Ore

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India consumes 12 million MT of the material per year and locally available is only 1 million MT. Rest is imported.

Manganese ore India ltd. Or MOIL is the chief supplier to the smelting units. This being a GOI company, function lacks professionalism and their supply rates are higher than the Indian material

Besides smelters, this is used by medicine companies, who are prepared to offer us a higher price for high-grade material

Due to this factor, the international prices are lower, offering good arbitrage opportunities.

Selling high-grade material of 50-65% to companies using it for medical purposes, results in higher sales price, adding to the bottom line.

Supporting Subheading Our buying would be different and on case to case basis be Ex-mines / FOB / CNF

Our sales would be based on:

Against Letter of Credit

Against documents 80:20

High Seas Sales

On port sales

Goods sold custom cleared

Sales would be to:

  • Direct smelters
  • Companies buying in India who stock and sell to smelters
  • Companies manufacturing manganese-based medicines
  • Direct smelters in Korea, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • Companies buying in Korea, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, and stock and sell to smelters, there.

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Mining and exploration

Manganese is one among the foremost commonly used industrial metals within the world, with no known substitutes. The Group mines manganese ore from its wholly owned Bootu Creek mine in Australia, and has an efficient 13% interest within the Tshipi Borwa mine in South Africa through a strategic partnership with a local partner. The Group also undertakes various exploration projects to secure a long-term pipeline of fabric for its customers and smelters.

Smelting and Sintering

Smelting is that the process of converting raw ores mined from the bottom into semi-finished alloys utilized in a spread of commercial applications. Sintering is that the process of heating and fusing powdered ore into higher grade, “semi-processed” ores. The Group owns and operates two smelting plants located in Samalaju (Sarawak, Malaysia) and Qinzhou (Guangxi, China). The flagship smelter complex in Samalaju produces ferrosilicon, silicomanganese and high carbon ferromanganese, while the smelter in Qinzhou produces high carbon ferromanganese and sintered ore.

Marketing and trading

Having its origins within the marketing and distribution of ores and ferroalloys, the Group has retained its extensive distribution network and edge up connecting raw materials with buyers and users.
Based in Singapore, the division is active in ore and ferroalloy markets, and leverages the economies of scale of the Group’s operations to streamline staple procurement and merchandise sales. The division also operates in China, distributing manganese ore domestically which it’s done since 1994.


We are constantly evaluating opportunities on the horizon to expand our resource base and build a pipeline of quality material. These may range from investments in greenfield projects, to farm-in partnerships with proven resource companies. Our long history and knowledge of selling ores and ferroalloys informs our investment strategy. We only invest in assets that produce products we are ready to price and market effectively.

To carry out the operations effectively, we would be posting manpower to keep a check on end to end movement of goods. To monitor the operations, sophisticated software and mobile app would be put in place.

Commodity Name : Manganese Ore 44% Mn
Place of Origin : Africa
Shipping : 25-27 MT stuffed in 20 ft. containers
Trial Quantity : 500-1000 MT
Monthly Volumes : 5000-30000 MT
Shipping Transit Time : 41 Days
Price : USD 210 per MT CNF Vizag port for 44% material


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